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What We Do

TAFI works principally in disadvantaged, underserved, and excluded rural communities.


TAFI Vision; is to reduce socio-economic vulnerabilities, increase women and youth participation in useful engagements and peace promotion, to have equipped and groomed project beneficiaries, that are positively impacting their target communities, thus developing and sustaining their resources, with low or minimum dependence on external supports, as well as dealing with the environmental risks and other hazards and improved quality of life for affected communities across the project location.


Our mission is to work with communities to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable and marginalised in a sustainable way.


to serve as a catalyst and facilitator for the positive transformation of society in Nigeria by ensuring that marginalised, vulnerable and the poor do not lack and are therefore able to be active stakeholders and fully integrated in all aspects of family, community and national life. We believe that solutions should be owned by the community and must be sustainable.


STATEGY: Our strategy is; Participatory Learning and action, we do this by mobilizing the targeted groups/ community through engaging all the groups, the principles that enables them to see and discover, reflect, decide and act; using available resources and knowledge towards improving their situation in a sustainable way, learning by doing, solving bigger problems with simple solutions, and capacity enhancement (for staff and targets schools and communities).

Our Partners

We work with various organizations, individuals and communities. We are Focus Initiative and our focus is outcome of any project we handle. We always deliver.

Who We Are

Talakawa Focus Initiative Nigeria (TAFI) is a registered Nigerian

 Non-Governmental Organisation based in Makarfi Kaduna State, and we have projects in Kano, Katsina, Kaduna and Nasarawa States in the Northern Nigeria.  Talakawa is a Hausa word which means poor people. We are community based organization.

TAFI works principally in disadvantaged, underserved, and excluded rural communities.  Looking at it from the reality perspectives; if one lives in rural area of Northern Nigeria especially remote areas one is likely to be a subsistence farmer, illiterate, and in most case a drop-out from school or does not even have the opportunity to attend any school in life. With less   land mostly infertile to farm than his/her father and grandparents, the traditional settings of northern Nigeria were largely found on the principles that only men are the bread winners in the family; in most cases women potential power remains un tap or been wasted. Again, close to 79% of these subsistence farmers end of the season harvest is grossly in adequate to provide their families with twelve months’ food security.

Meet Our Team

Our Team is made up of experts from various walks of life.

Our Achievements So Far...

Seedlings transplanted
Community Nursery & Primary schools built
Communities visits and advocacy
Volunteer Health Worker Trained

Support Tafi Projects

Projects are locally financed through communities, TAFI management and trustees in kind supports, we fund raised and assist communities that cannot afford anything due to extreme poverty, in addition to the technical supports, coaching, and leading by examples. But we hope motivating communities with little support when our financial strength improves for complete empowerment and sustainability were they cannot due to lacking/ extreme poverty.