Talakawa Focus Initiative Nigeria (TAFI) is a registered Nigerian Non-Governmental Organisation based in Makarfi Kaduna State, and we have projects in Kano, Katsina, Kaduna, and the Nasarawa States in Northern Nigeria.  Talakawa is a Hausa word that means poor people. We are a community-based organization.

About Our Journey

TAFI works principally in disadvantaged, underserved, and excluded rural communities.  Looking at it from the reality perspective; if one lives in rural areas of Northern Nigeria especially remote areas one is likely to be a subsistence farmer, illiterate, and in most cases a drop-out from school, or does not even have the opportunity to attend any school in life. With less land mostly infertile to farm than his/her father and grandparents, the traditional settings of northern Nigeria were largely founded on the principles that only men are the breadwinners in the family; in most cases women’s potential power remains un tap or been wasted. Again, close to 79% of these subsistence farmers end the season harvest is grossly inadequate to provide their families with twelve months’ food security.

However, lack of knowledge of hygiene and nutrition negatively affect more than 60% of children with chronic illness and malnourishment that led to reduced physical and mental development and insufficient energy to concentrate in schools and at times many of them die, without adequate education and continuous exclusion, our beloved children will enter life unprepared with many things being abandoned even a task of reading and writing will be difficult or impossible to over 65% of them. They remain a target of exploitation and injustice and remain in the circle of poverty. Similarly, the person that knows rural areas in Northern Nigeria may easily agree with me that; Northern Nigeria is the poorest region of Nigeria. Former President of Nigeria, late Mr. Yar Adua stated that the Poverty in the north of Nigeria is embarrassing. The level of immunization of children in the North East is 3.6% and 3.7% in the North West. In educating Girl children, only 20% are enrolled into education in the North East while in the northwest it is 25%. Unlike the South of Nigeria which averages around 80% enrollment, personal hygiene, environmental protection, and environmental cleanliness are below20%, similarly, less than 20% are access to safe water supply, sanitation, and hygiene. It was out of concern, compassion, and a need to empower communities in order to break the cycle of illiteracy, poverty, struggling with unsafe drinking water, poverty-related diseases challenges and acquire an improved living standard that TAFI was established in 2008 and got registered with Nigeria corporate affairs commission with reg.no CAC/IT/NO48126 in 1st November 2011.

Meet Our Team

Our Team is made up of experts from various walks of life.

Suleiman B. Kadana

Executive Director